Some Ways to Get Your Pet Dog Take Pills


Pet owners can attest that giving your pet dog for example is never an easy task or a pleasant encounter with them. You try different approaches to get your pet take the pill and somehow, and you would agree, that they know we are trying to trick them to taking something. Luckily, humans have found some solutions that can help us in successfully having our pets take the pills. To know more about pet pills visit this site

One way is to train your dog by teaching him or her on how to follow when you command him or her to eat. It is better to train your pet this command before he or she would need already the medications, or else when it happens, you will have the difficulty in letting your pet take the pill or medications. Note that forcing your dog to take the pill, unless it is absolutely necessary, could be an unpleasant encounter for the both of you, plus might lead for your dog to be aggressive.

Another way is to trick your pet. If your pet dog happens to be a fast eater, you can include the pill in his or her food bowl and the pet will never know. The pill could cause some difference in taste that your pet may recognize, if so, you can put some gravy on their food, especially ones that you know your pet likes, and for sure the pill will be eaten too.

The reward system works with your dog too. It is natural for dogs to like something that you have. Try gushing over the pill and let your pet dog watch you sniff it and usually they get excited too about it like pill treats for dogs. Once they do, make them do a trick and reward it with the pill on hand. Some dogs may not be tricked on this, but this method works with other dogs too.

An easy way for your dog to be able to take his pill is by disguising it as treat. You can wrap the pill in a piece of food or soft treat that you can easily put inside the pill. Know that there are special dog treats sold nowadays that are designed specifically for you to disguise the pill. Even humans do not like to take pills and so our pet dogs are no different in their reaction. Make it fun when you are to give your pet dog the pills by dressing up the pill and making it yummy with the combination with other treats. Then you will be able to get your dog take the pill without the stress for both of you and PawsIQ can offer that.


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